A.I.S. Inc., a trusted leader in environmental management and stewards of our nation’s ocean resources, is excited to announce the launch of our new Facebook and Instagram accounts. These platforms will provide a space for our employees, customers, and the wider community to connect, engage, and stay up to date with the latest news, developments, and insights from A.I.S., Inc.

With a legacy that started in 1988, A.I.S. Inc. has been at the forefront of utilizing sound science and an ecosystem-based approach to support the sustainable management of our natural resources. Through our Facebook and Instagram pages, we aim to create a vibrant online community where individuals passionate about environmental stewardship, marine science, and innovation can come together to share ideas and celebrate advancements in the field.

To make it easier for our audience to access our social media profiles, we have included a QR code in this press release. Scanning the QR code using a QR code scanner or smartphone camera will direct users to our new Facebook and Instagram accounts. By following or liking our pages, users will receive regular updates, engaging content, and the opportunity to participate in discussions surrounding our mission and the importance of environmental sustainability. These platforms will allow us to connect with stakeholders on a more personal level, share our dedication for accuracy, integrity, and service, and further promote the sustainable management of our oceans and their various resources.

A.I.S. Inc. specializes in offshore data collection, environmental monitoring, genomics (eDNA), ocean acidification research, electronic monitoring, ocean engineering (aquaculture, structural, and mechanical), training, as well as fisheries research, management, and support.

For more information about A.I.S. Inc., please visit our website or contact us at: mediainquiry@aisobservers.com