AIS employs a multi-discipline team of technicians and scientists well qualified to design and implement sampling programs in the marine, estuarine and terrestrial environments.  We specialize in managing large field sampling programs with a geographically dispersed work force.    Services have been provided to federal and state agencies as well as private customers for over 25 years.  Over the years we have offered support and innovative solutions to solve many problems companies face.  Such as:

  • Hiring, training and equipping field staff for projects with intermittent or variable sampling schedules
  • Increased costs associated with hiring full time staff for projects that may be short term or juggling current staff to satisfy a short term increase in workload
  • High cost associated with placing staff on travel to meet sampling goals
  • Assigning senior scientists to field work, when they may be more productive managing projects, analyzing results, preparing reports, or developing contacts and identifying new business

By leveraging AIS’s experienced scientific and technical staff  to meet their data collection and sampling capabilities, clients can set up field studies quickly and maintain a sampling schedule optimized for their needs. This eliminates the need to hire and train staff for field work. Our staff are ready when you are and available for projects of any size or duration throughout the United States.

AIS provides individual technicians and scientists to round out a sampling crew or a team of scientists, technicians, and managers to conduct your sampling regimes. Our staff is available for day, night, weekend and holiday sampling schedules.

Our multi-discipline team includes marine biologists, vessel captains and crew, biologists, bio acousticians, ecologists, oceanographers, statisticians, and data analysts.

We employ staff experienced in boat handling, navigation and sampling equipment deployment. For larger projects that require sampling at sea, our contacts with the fishing industry enable us to easily charter commercial fishing vessels for offshore research and monitoring studies.

AIS staff are committed to high quality data and sample collection in order to advance science and technology in order to effectively manage our natural and living resources.

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