Funding from UMass Dartmouth and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) will support student learning experiences in hands-on offshore wind internships.

 A.I.S., Inc., a leading marine scientific services firm, is pleased to announce that it has welcomed three interns from UMass Dartmouth as part of the university’s offshore wind internship program.

 The program, funded by a grant of $748,000, aims to provide career-relevant paid internship opportunities for students in the offshore wind industry and accelerate talent pipeline development. AIS recognizes the importance of hands-on experience and practical learning in preparing students for careers in the growing offshore wind sector. By hosting interns from UMass Dartmouth, AIS is actively contributing to the development of a skilled workforce for the offshore wind industry, and providing students with invaluable experiences they could not get from a classroom. AIS is proud to take part in a program that encourages education and highlights the value of work experience. “This partnership with UMass Dartmouth provides quite an opportunity for both the students at UMass and AIS. As a local small business, we are committed to providing professional opportunities right here in our backyard,” said AIS Sr. Vice President, Rick Usher.

The interns will have the opportunity to work alongside AIS professionals and engage in various projects related to environmental management, offshore wind, and marine science. Through this hands-on experience, they will develop essential skills and insights into the industry as well as contributing to their personal and professional growth. Internships bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, allowing students to be a step ahead and prepared for the workforce after they graduate. AIS is committed to fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment, and the interns from UMass Dartmouth will be an integral part of the company’s ongoing projects. The company values their contributions and believes in providing them with a supportive and enriching experience. We are grateful for the opportunity to hear new perspectives and ideas.

“UMass Dartmouth is in a key position to support the growth of the workforce in offshore wind and its significant impact on the South Coast,” Daniel MacDonald, Chair of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at UMass Dartmouth and PI on the internship grant, said. “As a University, we have significant depth and expertise in marine science, engineering, and technology, and this program provides an excellent outlet to provide opportunities for our students while simultaneously supporting the growth of this important industry. We are very appreciative of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center for funding this program.”

UMass Dartmouth, the only research university on the South Coast, has a proven track record of launching first-generation college students into successful, highly paid careers. The university offers a range of degree and certificate programs in areas such as Mechanical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Operations Management, Marine Science and Technology, Environmental Policy, and more, meeting the workforce needs of the offshore wind industry. AIS is proud to support UMass Dartmouth’s offshore wind internship program and remains dedicated to promoting sustainable practices, and the development of a skilled workforce for the offshore wind industry.

About AIS:

Located at 540 Hawthorn St, North Dartmouth, Ma, AIS supports the stewardship of our nation’s ocean resources and their habitats. We provide vital services for the nation utilizing sound science and an ecosystem-based approach to environmental management. With a mission rooted in sound scientific data collection, AIS provides pragmatic science and environmental intelligence to clients in various sectors, including offshore wind.

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