Fisheries Monitoring Programs

The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Service funds a number of Fisheries Observer Programs on the East Coast, West Coast, Gulf of Mexico, Alaska and Hawaii, as part of its National Fisheries Observer Program.

Protected Species Program

AIS has been a leader in the field of protected species monitoring since incorporation.  We have over twenty-five years of experience monitoring protected species for population assessments as well as mitigation requirements during marine construction projects and seismic surveys.

Scientific Sampling

Applying our marine experience to the environmental studies area, AIS offers our field sampling expertise to companies, agencies and organizations in need of experienced field biologists and technicians to implement their sampling and data collection programs.

Dredge Material Inspection

AIS has provided U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ACoE) certified Dredged Material Inspectors (DMI) for clients operating in the North and mid Atlantic regions of the United States since 1988. DMI services are often a permitting requirement during dredging and marine construction projects.

ProTech Fisheries Domain

AIS has organized a ProTech Fisheries Domain Team comprised of eight companies, both large and small, with proven records of delivering high quality, performance based professional, scientific, and technical services to NOAA.

GSA Services

AIS offers field sampling, data collection and data management expertise to government agencies in search of experienced biologists and data specialists. AIS biologists collect biological samples and record aquatic and oceanographic data in the harshest of environments.   Our personnel are located from Maine to North Carolina and Seattle, WA and Alaska and are available nationwide for day, night, weekend and holiday sampling schedules.