Gulf of Maine Research Institute

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) contracted A.I.S., Inc. (AIS) to provide a Fisheries Technician aboard the fishing vessel Jocka during scallop research cruises lasting seven and ten days. The purpose of the project was to test the selectivity of three different twine top configurations on a scallop dredge.
The complete catch, including discards and the material that escaped through the meshes of the twine tops, were collected as part of the test. To collect the material that passed through the twine top, a trawl-style codend or cover was attached over the twine top. Following each haul the technician identified, to the species level, all of the catch within the dredge and twine top cover. The catch was weighed and length frequencies were obtained for all finfish. Shell heights and weights were also collected from the scallops. In addition to catch data, the technician was responsible for documenting fishing location, fishing effort, and environmental data.

The data collected by the biologist was edited at sea and delivered to GMRI upon the completion of the project. Throughout the study, AIS coordinated the deployment of the biologist and provided logistical support.