AIS provides monitoring services on various types of dredging projects ranging from beach renourishment to commercial construction, as well as harbor maintenance dredging. Additionally, A.I.S. Inc. is fully equipped to complete the hiring, and training of monitoring staff, as well as data sheet design, data editing and submission weekly summary reports and final reports. We also provide shift design, scheduling and management services in addition to logistical support.

Endangered Shorebird Monitoring

AIS provides highly trained, USACE approved endangered shorebird monitors during beach replenishment operations to evaluate shorebird behavior and report any potential nesting situations. Shorebird monitors are generally required to begin monitoring the project sites two weeks prior to construction activities within the suitable nesting habitat and continue to monitor these sites daily  through the end of the nesting season, ensuring that no previously undetected endangered species nests or broods are located within the construction area. Additionally the shorebird monitors report any observed territorial or breeding behaviors.  Endangered shorebird monitor shifts cover the full tidal cycle, gathering contemporaneous observations weather and other environmental conditions, any disturbances of nesting birds and construction activities, in addition to communicating regularly with the client representative throughout the duration of the project.

Endangered Species Observers (ESO) Services– Sturgeon, Sea Turtle, Salmon

AIS provided 23 NMFS approved endangered species observers on rotating shifts monitoring two mechanical dredges, one decant barge and 4 dredged material processing sites for twenty four hours a day, seven days a weekIf protected species were captured by the mechanical dredge, observers were required to attempt to revive the animals in flow through tanks, check for PIT and external tags, take DNA sample, insert PIT tags if none were detected, and release animals 0.5 miles down tide of the project sight. The AIS team was responsible for all aspects of the data collection, ESO training and fish identification, tagging techniques and specimen release This program was completely designed and implemented by AIS management staff.

Previous dredging projects for which AIS provided the above services:

  • Weeks Marine Beach Nourishment Projects, Manasquan, NJ (2017-2019)

  • Weeks Marine Beach Nourishment Projects, Rockaway, NY (2014, 2019)

  • Cashman Dredging, Boston Harbor, MA (2017)

  • Cashman Dredging, Bath Iron Works, ME (2017)

  • Weeks Marine Dredging, Tappan Zee Bridge, NY (2014-2016)

  • Robert B Our Dredging, Hyannis Harbor, MA (2017)