AIS has provided U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ACoE) certified Dredged Material Inspectors (DMI) for clients operating in the North and mid Atlantic regions of the United States since 1988. DMI services are often a permitting requirement during dredging and marine construction projects.

Dredged Material Inspectors deploy aboard tugs and hopper dredges. They are responsible for monitoring and documenting the placement of dredged material during transit and disposal. In many cases DMIs, who have received NMFS ESO approval, will also monitor for the presence of sensitive marine life. A.I.S. Inspectors are also available to complete compliance monitoring of dredged material for upland disposal.

Data is collected in accordance with the requirements of various regulatory agencies. Each member of our team of experienced inspectors has successfully completed a navigation course and possesses extensive knowledge of marine species and their identification characteristics. Each DMI has successfully passed the ADDIS Simulation (Automated Disposal Surveillance System) testing administered by SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation).  AIS Inspectors are certified by the ACoE NY/NJ District. We have has completed over 200 projects since 1988.