AIS provides highly qualified Protected Species Observers (also known as Marine Mammal Observers) for mitigation support aboard vessels completing sub bottom, marine transmission cable installation. We offer monitoring services, data reporting, project management, logistical support and final reporting.

Previous cable lay projects include the Deepwater Wind Block Island (DWBI) wind farm, the first offshore wind farm in the United States. The third phase of this construction required round the clock, protected species monitoring during the installation of the inter-turbine and sea to shore arrays, aboard the  dynamic positioning cable laying barge.  During this project, three rotating teams of three AIS PSOs monitored the exclusion zone surrounding the vessel to meet the conditions of the Incidental Harassment Authorization Permit (IHA).  Night time operations required the PSOs to utilize Gen 3 night vision monocular to view the monitoring zone.  Additionally, AIS provided support to the DWBI Vice President of Permitting & Environmental Affairs with developing project planning, permitting, training, and PSO coordination.  The AIS Project Manager also provided consulting and overall project planning related to the protected species monitoring.