Interested in finding out more about what we do, have a question about a project you have or want to learn about working at AIS, contact us below and we’ll be in touch.

  • NOAA ProTech Fisheries Domain: Peter Melanson, ProTech Program Manager: 774-392-5128;

  • Northeast Fisheries Observer Program: Andrew D’Agostine, NEFOP Program Manager: 774-392-5934;

  • Southeast Fisheries Science Center Observer Program: Rebecca Hailey, Program Manager; 774-392-3434;

  • North Pacific Groundfish Observer Program: Luke Szymanski, Vice President: 774-265-0596;

  • Industry Funded Scallop and At-Sea Monitor Program: Charlie Pitts, NEFOP Northeast Coordinator of Operations: 978-979-7167;

  • Electronic Monitoring: Rick Usher, Senior Vice President: 774-200-0563;

  • Protected Species Program: Lauren Wahl, Environmental Monitoring Division Program Manager, 508-742-5510;

  • All other Marine Projects, including dredging materials inspections, scientific sampling: Rick Usher, Senior Vice President: 774-200-0563;