Observer Duties

Observing is a challenging and rewarding experience. Many candidates consider observing to be a stepping stone in their professional development. Others choose observing as a career. AIS is committed to supporting both of these goals. Regardless of the candidate’s personal goals all observers will complete the same general duties as described. Observer duties include:

• Collecting scientific, management, compliance, and other data at sea
• Completing observations of fishing operations, sampling catch, and measuring selected portions of the catch and fishing gear
• Collecting biological samples of the catch according to detailed procedures in the Observer Sampling Manual
• Collecting data on fishing effort, location, and retained catch for each gear deployment that occurs while the observer is aboard the vessel
• Collecting length measurements, age, and biological samples from segments of the catch
• Collecting information on any marine mammals or other protected species interactions
• Sending their data to the Groundfish Observer Program office
• Participating in mid-cruise debriefings, annual briefings, partial briefings, trainings and debriefings as necessary

Additional information concerning observing in the NPGOP can be found in this PDF.