When filling our staffing needs preference will be given to currently certified North Pacific Groundfish Observers. To be considered observers must:

• Meet all of the requirements of the position
• Establish that they are in good standing with the NPGOP by providing copies of their evaluations or authorizing NMFS to release such information
• Be certified in CPR and First Aid or able to become certified prior to their NMFS briefing

New candidates to the program will be screened based on the requirements of the contract and the demands of the position. During the recruitment process candidates are screened to make sure that they meet the minimum educational requirements of the program. Candidates must have:

• Bachelor’s Degree or higher from an accredited college or university with a major in one of the natural sciences
• Successfully completed a minimum of 30 semester hours or equivalent in applicable biological sciences with extensive use of dichotomous keys in at least one course
• Successfully completed at least one undergraduate course each in math and statistics with a minimum of 5 semester hours total for both
• Computer skills that enable the candidate to work competently with standard database software and computer hardware

Following the initial screening AIS conducts interviews and requires candidates to complete documents to make sure that they clearly understand the challenges that observers face and that they are:

• Free of any potential conflict of interest
• Physically and mentally capable of performing the duties of an observer
• Able to clearly and concisely communicate verbally and in writing in English
• Able to pass the NMFS security requirements
• Able to meet the other requirements of the position

Qualified candidates are then proposed to NMFS for final approval to attend a training class.