Scientific Sampling

Applying our marine experience to the environmental studies area, A.I.S., Inc. offers our field sampling expertise to companies, agencies and organizations in need of experienced field biologists and technicians to implement their sampling and data collection programs.

A.I.S. has over 25 years of successful experience collecting biological and environmental data for federal agencies such as the National Marine Fisheries Service, the US Army Corps of Engineers, state agencies, such as the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries as well as numerous private companies.

Conducting research in the marine and estuarine environments can be difficult and expensive. Some of the problems that research organizations experience include:

• Hiring, training and equipping field staff for projects with intermittent or variable sampling schedules

• Increased costs associated with hiring full time staff for projects that may be short term or juggling current staff to satisfy a short term increase in workload

• High cost associated with placing staff on travel to meet sampling goals

• Assigning senior scientists to field work, when they might be more productive managing projects, analyzing results, preparing reports, or developing contacts and identifying new business

By leveraging A.I.S.’s access to experienced full time field staff and their data collection and sampling capabilities, clients can set up field studies quickly and maintain a sampling schedule optimized for their needs. This eliminates the need to hire and train biologists for field work. Our biologists are ready when you are and available for projects of any size or duration throughout the United States. A.I.S. can supply individual biologists to round out a sampling crew or a team of biologists to conduct your sampling regimes. Our staff is available for day, night, weekend and holiday sampling schedules. Since 2006, A.I.S. has employed between 40 and 155 fulltime field staff annually. The multi-discipline team includes marine biologists, biologists, ecologists, oceanographers, etc. Most of our employees have obtained their Bachelor’s Degree and several of them possess their Master’s Degree. The majority of our field staff has received fisheries observer training from the National Marine Fisheries Service. As such, they are well trained in collecting data independently in a variety of conditions.

We employ staff experienced in boat handling, navigation and sampling equipment deployment. For larger projects that require sampling at sea, our contacts with the fishing industry enable us to easily charter commercial fishing vessels for offshore research and monitoring studies. Backing up our field expertise is our data management staff. The staff enters research data, runs auditing programs, and analyzes errors to maintain a high data quality level necessary for scientific analysis. Our senior staff is available to assist in the development of sampling design, data analysis, report writing and project management.

In addition to providing exceptionally well qualified staff A.I.S. is also a small business under many North American Industry Classification Codes and thus can help large business satisfy their subcontracting requirements.

For a description of some of our Scientific Sampling projects, click the PDF links below.

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