ProTech Fisheries Domain

ProTech BranchesIn September 2018 A.I.S., Inc. (AIS) was awarded a NOAA ProTech Fisheries Domain contract.  NOAA ProTech is a strategic sourcing initiative to acquire professional and technical services efficiently and effectively through a suite of contracting vehicles.  The ProTech Branch is organized into five Domains: Satellite, Fisheries, Oceans, Weather, and Enterprise Operations.  NOAA Fisheries is responsible for the stewardship of the nation’s ocean resources and their habitat.  AIS mobilizes a workforce of professionals to provide vital services to NOAA in support of productive and sustainable fisheries, safe sources of seafood, the recovery and conservation of protected resources and habitats, healthy ecosystems, and organizational excellence.


AIS has organized a ProTech Fisheries Domain Team comprised of eight companies, both large and small, with proven records of delivering high quality, performance based professional, scientific, and technical services to NOAA.  The AIS ProTech Team has extensive management experience and places high value on customer service, support to our employees, and efficient business practices.  Our Team supports sound science and contributes to innovative management approaches to meet the mission needs of NOAA.  Our core capabilities include:


  • Design, develop and implement large-scale field sampling and monitoring programs with 24/7 operations
  • Environmental, biological, and fisheries operations data collection and monitoring
  • Data quality assurance and control plans
  • Data management, modeling, and visualization
  • Protected Species Surveys, Compliance Monitoring, and Data Collection
  • Vessel operations, oceanographic sampling equipment deployment
  • Policy Development and Implementation
  • Technical Writing and Editing
  • Environmental Emergency Response Support
  • Social Science Surveys
  • Adaptive Program and Contract Management, strict cost control
  • Scientific, Technical, and Administrative Staff Recruitment and Support services


The AIS ProTechTeam is well equipped to provide environmental intelligence for the four fisheries domain task areas: Studies, Analyses, and Reports; Applied Research, Engineering, Consulting, and Operations; Field Sampling, Data collection and Surveys; and Consulting, Program and Project Management.  Together, we are committed to providing NOAA with the experience, resources, and capability to successfully carry out its mission.

The AIS ProTech Team corporate infrastructure is necessary to support the mobilization of a highly qualified workforce providing environmental intelligence.  This includes experienced recruiters and human resource managers, and program managers who strive to minimize the client’s contract management workload.

AIS ProTech team office map

-Corporate offices of the AIS ProTech Team are designated by colored star. The shaded areas represent areas of operations for each team member.



AIS ProTech Team:

AECOM Technical Services, Inc.

AECOM Technical Services, Inc. (AECOM)

AECOM Technical Services, Inc. (AECOM) is the nation’s largest professional provider of engineering, design and environmental services.  AECOM has provided technical, engineering and environmental consulting to National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) regions and other NOAA line offices for over 20 years and to the NOAA Damage Assessment, Restoration and Remediation Program (DARRP) for the last 10 years. These projects involve NOAA fisheries stakeholders from Sustainable Fisheries, Office of Protected Resources, Science and Technology, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Headquarters, Fisheries Science Centers, and National Marine Mammal Laboratory and support administrative, realty, environmental and engineering offices at the NOAA headquarters and regional levels.

Archipelago Marine Research, LTD

Archipelago Marine Research, LTD (Archipelago)

Archipelago has over 38 years supporting marine fisheries research and stock assessments and is a global provider of sustainable marine resource management products and services.    The company is a privately held Canadian corporation registered in British Columbia (#369478).  Archipelago specializes in three key areas: (1) Electronic Monitoring (EM) programs for fisheries, (2) Observer-based monitoring at sea and dockside and (3) Marine environmental services (coastal planning and analysis). From its headquarters in Victoria, British Columbia, this Canadian company employs more than 140 skilled professionals, manages gross revenues of $8 million per year, and conducts projects throughout North America, Europe, and Australasia.


Bio-Waves, Inc.

Bio-Waves, Inc.

Bio-Waves is a small business specializing in marine bio-acoustic research, technology R&D,  and passive acoustics based marine environmental monitoring.  Our mission is to provide scientifically-based solutions for complex problems in the marine environment.  Bio-Waves conducts research, develops technologies, and provides data analysis services to study, monitor, and mitigate effects of human activities on living marine resources, with an emphasis on marine mammals and fish.  Bio-Waves employs a team of scientists, engineers and technicians with expertise in the following areas: bioacoustics, ocean acoustics, noise monitoring; environmental impact analysis, marine ecology; passive acoustic technologies; acoustic digital signal-processing; software engineering; and geographic information systems (GIS).

Consolidated Safety Services-Dynamac

Consolidated Safety Services-Dynamac (CSS)

CSS is an employee-owned professional services firm with a successful performance history helping NOAA Fisheries develop the science, information, and tools needed for the stewardship of the Nation’s living marine resources. In business for over 28 years, CSS is a large business and employs an average of 275 full time employees. CSS has supported NMFS for more than 10 years on improving fisheries data collection, coordination and information management techniques.  CSS has supported the NOAA’s Resilient Coastal Communities and Economies goal, the National Coral Reef Ecosystem Monitoring Program, improving fisheries data collection techniques, and supporting Habitat Blueprint Focus area projects.


Industrial Economics, Incorporated

Industrial Economics, Incorporated (IEc)

Established in 1981, IEc is a privately-held environmental and economic consulting firm located in Cambridge, MA.  IEc has directly supported NOAA programs for over thirty years in emergency response, scientific and technical investigations, field based assessments, socioeconomic analyses, conducting regulatory analyses, habitat restoration support, and public outreach.  Since 1991, IEc has helped coordinate NOAA’s NRDA support contractors. Further, since 2001 IEc has provided continuous support to the GARFO in its implementation of the Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan.  More recently, IEc has provided analytical and other support services to NOAA related to critical habitat designations under the ESA.

National Marine Mammal Foundation

National Marine Mammal Foundation (NMMF)

The NMMF is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization with a mission to improve and protect life for all marine mammals, humans, and our shared oceans through science, service, and education. Our approach includes collaboration with top scientists and institutions to translate research into applicable medicine and species conservation; develop education programs to share discoveries and expertise; foster an environment that creatively, effectively, and positively shapes marine mammal medicine, research, training, and education; conduct research that benefits the conservation and care of marine mammals and the health of humans; and support the Navy in providing exceptional care and training of marine mammals.

QuanTech, Inc.

QuanTech, Inc.

QuanTech, Inc., a small business founded in 1989, is a statistical analysis and survey research firm headquartered in Rockville, Maryland.  To support NOAA, QuanTech’s Fisheries Research Group specializes in field sampling, data collection, and surveys for commercially and recreationally important saltwater fisheries.  QuanTech provides complete range of survey research, data collection and statistical analysis capabilities through its in-house Survey Research Center and broad field interviewing network.  QuanTech collects and delivers the best available scientific information needed to estimate fishing effort and harvest, inform stock assessment models, and contribute to economic and social impact assessments to inform sound, sustainable fisheries management decisions.

Research Planning, Inc. (RPI)

RPI is a small, woman-owned science and technology firm, employing an average of 26 employees, with a nearly 40 year history serving as a key NOAA partner.  RPI has expansive experience in ecosystem-based adaptive planning and response to man-made and natural disasters such as oil spills, chemical releases, hurricanes, vessel groundings, and marine debris incidents involving marine habitats, protected species, managed fisheries, seafood safety, including public outreach and training.  RPI has experience with NRDA, ESA, Essential Fish habitat and habitat restoration services and consultations, coastal and marine mapping, GIS, and provided the NOAA Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) mapping concept.