A.I.S., Inc. has successfully provided unbiased data collection to the Government and Marine Industries since 1988. The goal of the company is to provide fully trained and certified inspectors and observers for maritime activities requiring certification of compliance with environmental regulations as well as collecting data for use by Federal, State, Municipal, and other government agencies. Also, A.I.S. subcontracts and consults for other Prime contractors and private companies.

While maintaining the company’s core values of accuracy, integrity and service, A.I.S. has grown from a firm of 10 inspectors to over 100 biologists, technicians, administrators and support staff working in the marine and aquatic environments. Services have been provided along the US Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and North Pacific coasts including Alaska. Customers have included various government agencies such as the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), the US Army Corps of Engineers, Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, Maine Dept of Marine Resources and other non-government organizations.

A.I.S., Inc. is dedicated to the collection of accurate, complete, and reliable marine and ecological data. Our experience includes providing fisheries observers to collect catch data onboard commercial fishing vessels for NOAA Fisheries, endangered species observers to monitor on scows and hopper dredge vessles, dredging inspectors to record disposal data for dredging operations, and marine biologists to collect ecological data associated with the Deep Water Horizon oil spill.

AIS is an Equal Opportunity Employer

AIS is an approved GSA vendor. To see our GSA contract and services offered, click here